A WW2 pilots set, RAF Sidcote flying suit 1941, Flying Helmet, 1943 RAF flying boots, Flying helmet compass etc.
The complete set was the property of a WW2 flying officer (details can be supplied)
Suite has not been restored. It is dirty and covered in oil, paint, and fluid marks that will require professional cleaning. Zips work but are corroded, I have lubricated the main one and it works smoothly. Original fur collar in good condition. Buttons and studs all present.
Pilot wings are WW2 period and original to suit
Boots are in remarkably good, condition. Knife in boot is marked CLYDE BRIDGE – an engineering firm in Glasgow known for railway and shipping work but not Aircraft. Knife not issue but came with boots.
Helmet has been altered, ear pieces fitted with red/brown stiff card material, rubber cut back.
Navigational Computor MkIIID ref no. 6b/180 appears complete, has note book inside, pencil holder on external side is damaged/broken, square protractor is military marked.
Will need cleaning, has been stored in a cold Scottish loft No rot, mould or fungus.


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