A very nice untouched example the the hard to find SHINKELFORM  1939 IRON CROSS second class with its original and rare ribbon.

The ‘Schinkelform’ Iron Cross gets its name from the original designer whose general cross form remained pretty much unchanged through most the 1914 issue makes
When the 1939 Iron Cross was introduced, Hitler wanted it enlarged slightly and the overall shape bigger and bolder.
Many of the original makers of the 1914 Cross continued to use up older stocks for frames to make the new 1939 versions, which were smaller and finer than the typical 1939 crosses; more like the old 1870’s and 1914’s.
LDO regulations eventually forced the licensed makers to adhere to the broader frame. Therefore, the 1939 ‘Schinkelform’ crosses are a rarer variation.
The example here has a length of the original 1939 ribbon which is slightly narrower and the red is marginally lighter when compared with the usually encountered EK2 ribbon

note the smaller neater swastika

Note the sizes of the 3 examples in picture. The schinkelform is in the middle. WW1 on left WW2 on right